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Pioneeers of water research 

Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

Dr. Gerald H. PollackDr. Gerald H. Pollack is a professor at the University of Washington. At the present time he is the leading authority in the field of water structuring. He has been studying the phenomena in water for years; his biggest achievement is the discovery of “EZ water” or an exclusion zone in water. His path towards EZ water is best described in his book The fourth phase of water. Pollack writes in a clear and understandable style so you don't have to be a top scientist to understand it. This book is a must for anyone who is involved with water, better said with structured water because EZ water is water with a special structure (H3O2). The book has received multiple awards, including the International Award of Excellence from the Society of Technical Communication.


There are also numerous Youtube videos and he has presented his work on the TED show as well. EZ water was confirmed in many laboratories all over world so it is scientifically proven; however, Pollack himself is disappointed with the response of the majority of the scientific community, who refuse even to start working on water and its special properties.


Pollack’s work doesn't stop in the field of scientific research, he is seeking for practical applications of EZ water as well (health, biology, energy). Since 2005, he has been organizing the annual Water conference, where the latest discoveries from water research are presented.