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Glass Reusable Water Bottle Flaska Owl on the BranchSize:

  • 0.5l: Universal size – the best marriage of volume and practicality. Made from robust glass resistant to possible impact, making it also suitable for children.
  • 0.75l: Stores a sufficient quantity of water for your everyday activities (work, home sports, recreation, car etc.). It is also made from solid glass.
  • 1l: The Vodan Jug with the capacity of 1 litre is meant to be filled and placed on a table. It is perfect for individuals who consume large quantities of water at home as well as at work.


Protective sleeve:

The Flaska Design models are covered in a quality neoprene protective sleeve, which protects the bottle from impacts and the water from fluctuations in temperature. Flaska Neo Design is colourful and boasts seven different designs suitable for every individual.


The colourful Flaska Grip protective sleeves are made from silicone. They are available in two colours. As is evident from its name, the sleeve grips and feels great.


Consistent with the name, the Flaskas Natural boast a protective sleeve made from entirely natural materials. The protective sleeve of Flaska Cork is made from cork. This sleeve is hand-crafted by the Spanish craftsman Miguel Pacheco. 


The Flaska Classic protective sleeve is made from cotton. The sleeve protects the water from sunlight and fluctuations in temperature.

 Glass Reusable Water Bottle Flaska

Colour and Design:


People have different tastes. From a variety of 12 models, each person will surely be able to select the most appropriate colour combination. The primarily vivid colours will make the Flaska stand out, and will continue to remind you to regularly drink water.